Our quotes are based on the assumption that information you provided about your property is true and your property is in a condition that we decide is in a reasonable condition. If your property is not in such order we reserve the right to increase the price as we see fit.

If stains remain after carpet cleaning we are not liable. Some stains can never be lifted from carpet.

Curtain cleaning is not included in an end of lease cleaning package.

Furniture, appliance and personal belonging cleaning is not included, if there is furniture, appliances and belongings present in the property we will work around them without moving them. If our cleaning does not pass inspection because there is dirt left over from where those belongings were we can’t take responsibility and return free of charge to re-clean. If you do require them cleaned we will charge an additional amount that will be discussed with you on the day. However, we do not touch or clean personal property.

High pressure cleaning of hard surfaces is not included in an end of lease cleaning package and is an additional cost.

The correct removal of light fittings and other things that requires removal in order to be cleaned needs to showed to our staff. If we can’t easily remove the fitting and the removal process is not showed to our staff we do not take responsibility of the cleaning of that fitting. Full payment is required upon completion of the cleaning on the day of the cleaning has taken place.

If there is re-cleaning that needs to be done an e-mail has to be sent to info@jsassawcleaningservices.com within 48 hours after the cleaning has taken place along with a list of what needs to be re-cleaned. The inspection is to be done by a real estate agent or landlord of the property. If we are not contacted within 48 hours we will not take responsibility for re-cleaning the property. Re-cleans are free of charge. Unreasonable requests for cleaning and re-cleaning that we find unreasonable will be refused.

If a re-clean is refused by the customer, our attempts to resolve the issues has been rejected. We will not provide a refund under this circumstance.

If we are unable to attend a scheduled re-cleans we will provide partial refund depending on how much work is needed to resolve the re-clean on a case by case basis.